NWDF Ltd follows the Road Haulage Association’s conditions of carrage and storage  In addition to the RHA conditions customers must comply with the instructions below.

NWDF Ltd will always take the maximum amount of care when moving your posessions.When packing the goods its important to follow our conditions as stated below, as NWDF Ltd will not be held responsible for any damage caused due to poor packing


  • All boxes/items should be clearly marked with your name and numbered in sequence i.e.1 of 50, 2 of 50, etc.
  • Any fragile items also to be clearly marked.
  • Do not mark all items as fragile when they aren’t as this will incur premium rates on the container and extra costs to the client.
  • An itemised list of goods in each box to be noted on a separate sheet of duplicated paper.
  • A special note made of any unusually expensive/precious items and the value.
  • Always ensure all packing boxes are strong and of good quality i.e. not second hand crisp boxes.
  • All boxes to be filled to a level which avoids items inside being crushed when stacked.
  • Strong parcel tape to be used to secure top/bottom of the boxes.
  • Boxes should not be overfilled or overweight in order to avoid collapse.
  • Always use good quality protection material when packing delicate items (glass, crockery, etc)


  • All items must be protected to withstand road travel.
  • Furniture, sofas, etc, must be covered/wrapped in order to prevent ‘rubbing’ whilst in transit.
  • Pictures, mirrors, etc, to be protected with good quality bubble wrap.
  • Always cover mattresses with a plastic cover.

NB The protection and packing is the responsibility of the client and all goods need to be wrapped to a sufficient level redeemed fit by NWDF Ltd.
Please be aware that any items above 25kg will incur additional labour costs.

Electrical Items

  • Must be drained of water where applicable.
  • We cannot be held responsible for any internal working mechanisms that may fail due to being moved.

Cars,Motor Bikes,Caravans,Boats

  • All vehicles must be drained of fuel to the minimum level before shipping.
  • The battery must be disconnected.
  • All relevent documents showing proof of ownership must travel with the vehicle.
  • Any damage to the vehicle will be noted and signed for by both the operative and client before shipping.

Further Help

Self-assembled flat pack furniture does not move well and is much better when carefully dismantled by the client ahead of the move. To move when assembled is far from ideal. Please note our operatives will not reassemble without prior arrangement.

Should there be any obvious issues with poor access or non-operational elevators at the property then please inform us prior to the removal date. If this information is not provided prior to removal, further costs may be incurred on delivery/collection.

The above information is designed to help the removal go smoothly and please understand should the packing and protection procedure not be adhered to then there is a strong possibility that any BIFA insurance cover will become invalid.

A breakdown of costs and conditions will be offered on making an inquiry.

Overseas Removals

With all removals crossing any borders then it is vital we have full information as requested on our standard shipping form. Please do not expect us to move the goods without the completed Goods in Transit document .

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